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Message from the Dean

dr-permsook-profile-pictureAs the dean of the faculty of Business Administration, I would like to welcome you to our website.

The Faculty of Business Administration had been founded in the same year as St. Theresa International College. Through 14 years of our establishment, we have attained great educational achievement in terms of academic expertise and career success of our graduates, which has been shown clearly by the increase of new programs, and an increase in student enrollment within the past years.

At present, there are 5 majors in the Business Administration Faculty: International Business, Logistics, Hotel and Tourism, Airline Business, and the newest one, Air Traffic Control.

Business has played a vital role in human’s way of life; people all over the world had learned how to conduct business and established trades to make their living. Business Administration is one of the most popular fields of study among students through many generations. Approaches, accesses, means, and methods to run businesses and to achieve success, are all universal. In consequence, the universal language used in business transactions is, of course, the English language. With a high proficiency in English, there are no communicational barriers for businessmen to conduct their business effectively internationally.

At St. Theresa International College, we use English as the only language for learning and daily routines which has influenced our BBA students to be fluent in the English language. Due to the fact that language and culture are inseparable, St. Theresa students are not only exposed to the universal language but also to multiple world cultures that encompasses attitude, etiquette and a wider vision of the world. We can proudly say that BBA graduates are “second-to-none” in whatever they do throughout their careers.

Curriculums and activities of each major are designed and administered appropriately and professionally by experienced lecturers and concerned personnel. For Airline Business and Air Traffic Control, a mock-up and a simulated air traffic control room are provided to yield authentic work experiences to students. For Hotel and Tourism, Logistics, and International Business, a variety of activities, field study trips to workplaces, and attendance in workshops and seminars are regularly and purposefully set up for students so that they will gain important direct and indirect working experiences / internships.

Thanks again for visiting our website. Any further information, please contact us. We do hope that the BBA Faculty of St. Theresa International College will be an answer to your choice for a bright and successful career.

Asst. Professor Permsuk Wisnuwong
Dean, Faculty of Business Administration