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Digital Media In Interpersonal Communication: A Thai Youth Perspective

Solid State Technology Volume: 64Issue: 2 Publication Year: 2021 pp 7467-7483

Khomson Suebsaeng, Chirattana Greewong, Tikampon Pupanna ,Uraiporn Tongnok

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Model of Day-Care Service Center for the Elders in Thailand

Solid State Technology Volume: 64 Issue: 2 Publication Year: 2021 pp 6258-6262

Vichian Puncreobutr,Vipa Pengsa-ium,Boonruang Chunsuvimol,Jitrapun Pusapukdepop

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Model of the Elderly Care Platform in Thailand

Solid State Technology Volume: 64 Issue: 2 Publication Year: 2021 pp 6263-6267

Vipa Pengsa-ium,Vichian Puncreobutr,Prachuab Trinikorn,Boonruang Chunsuvimol

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The Applied Model of Creating the Youth’s Gratitude: Case Study of the Phuan People at Pak-Phli District, Nakhon Nayok Province, Thailand

Psychology and Education (2021) 58(3): pp 4251-4256

Vichian Puncreobutr,Boonruang Chunsuvimol,Samrong Koonawoot,Kingkeaw Sangpaew,Arunwaratchaya Bayolsineesayom

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The Relationship Between The Behaviors In Using Social Media Use And The Change In Social Behaviors Of Secondary Education School Students In Thailand

Solid State Technology Vol. 64 No. 1 (2021) pp 1848 - 1861

Dr. Lo Van Louis Serrano,Melada Sarutworadej,Prisana Khampoosiri,Kameelah Sawee

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The Design of real Estate Housing Project in Bangkok and the Metropolitan, Thailand for the year 2021

i-manager’s Journal on Management, Vol. 15 lNo. 1 lJune - August 2020 pp 19-25

Vichian Puncreobutr,Jitrapun Pusapukdepop,Ubon Dhanesschaiyakupta,Mark Anthony Pa-alisbo,

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วารสารการพยาบาลสุขภาพจิตและจิตเวช ปีที่ 33 ฉบับที่ 1 มกราคม-เมษายน 2562 หน้า 146-161

ผศ.ดร.สมดี อนันต์ปฎิเวธ

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An Analytical study of Cultural Intermediating through the Select Tales of the Mahabharata

International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation vol.24 Issue 05,2020 pp 6799-6806

Dr. Nitin Malhotra

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Elements of Child Psychology in Alice Munro’s “Deep-Hotel”: An Overview

International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Vol. 24, Issue 04, 2020 pp 206-212

Dr. Nitin Malhotra

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Applying the Audiolingual Method to Teach Basic Spoken English to Informal Workers

Anthropology of education ejournalVol. 4, No. 39: Jun 5, 2019 pp 1-5

Boonruang Chunsuvimol,Paweenai Boonpok

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Factor Influencing the Adoption and Integration of ICT in Teaching among Foreign Teachers in Thailand

i-manager’s Journal of Education Technology Vol 16 No 1 April – June 2019

Doctor Telesita Rubang , Mark Anthony, Allanic Omega Rose

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Factors Affecting Intention to Buy and Evaluation of Perceived Risks of E-Commerce Products

eBusiness and eCommerce eJournal vol. 11 No. 35 05 jun 2019 pp 1-5

Ampon Dhamcharoen, Khomson Suebsaeng, Somjate Waiyakarn

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The Design of High-rise Buildings in Smart Cities of Thailand

International Political Economy: Investment & Finance eJournal Vol 7, Issue 79, May 14, 2019 pp 1-6

Wongduean Chanragsa , Philip Amos, Vichian Puncreobutr, Jitrapun Pusapukdepop

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Correlation between Channels of Perceiving the Information and the Characteristic of Perception about the PM 2.5 Pollution in Bangkok, Thailand

Information Systems: Behavioral & Social Methods eJournal Vol 11, Issue 15, March 29, 2019 pp 1-5

Budsayarat Puncreobutr , Rangsiphon Plianphan, Somjate Waiyakarn , Prisana Kumpusiri

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Correlation between Lunch Project Management and the Nutrition Condition of the Primary School Children in Tak Province, Thailand

Sociology of Education eJournal Vol 2, Issue 4, January 08, 2019 pp 1-4

Panida Klosawasdi , Rangsiphon Plianphan,Ubon Dhanesschaiyakupta, Supawan Manosoontorn

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The Status of K to 12 Basic Education Program in the Philippines: A Reference for Teachers’ Twenty-First Century Skills Development Plan

St. Theresa Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Volume 4, Number 1, 2018 pp 1-19

Mark Anthony Cenas Pa-alisbo

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Exploring Gender in the Selected Short Stories of Rabindranath Tagore

St. Theresa Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Volume 4, Number 2, 2018 pp 58-66

Saikat Banerjee

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The Correlation between the Using of English Language for Business Communication and Applying in e-Commerce of the Students in Thailand

eBusiness & eCommerce eJournal Vol 10, Issue 37, October 24, 2018 pp 1-3

Arellado Ma Arlen Forro,Philip Amos,Payom Wongsansri , Bangsan Grace Calugan

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Lifestyle and the Power of Likay Hulu (Thai Traditional Dramatic Performance) in Chumphon Sub-District, Ongkharak District, Nakhon Nayok Province

Anthropology of Religion eJournal Vol 3, Issue 32, May 14, 2018 pp 1-5

Maylada Sarutibawordej, Kameelah Sawee

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Image Building of the Durian Mask Singer Winner in the First Year of the Mask Singer Show

Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art eJournal Vol 10, Issue 3, January 30, 2018 pp 1-5

Kantapong Sawangjirawit

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Effectiveness of the Audiolingual Method: A Review of Research in Thailand Through 2017

Cognitive Linguistics: Cognition, Language, Gesture eJournal Vol.10, No.18: 22 May 2018 pp 1-3

Boonruang Chunsuvimol

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The Extent of Implementation of Enhanced Basic Education Program and Its Correlates

Leadership Educator: Courses Cases & Teaching eJournal Vol. 10, No 2: Jan 17, 2018 pp1-4

Mark Anthony Cenas Pa-alisbo

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Managing Conflicts in a Multicultural Organization: A Perspective of Educators

International Management of organization & People eJournal Vol. 10, No. 2: Jan 16, 2018 pp 1-4

Yongyut Khamkhong, Nieves Peniero Tayco

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The 21st Century Skills and Job Performance of Teachers

Journal of Education and Practice Vol.8, No.32, 2017 pp 7-12

Mark Anthony Pa-alisbo

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Developing English Proficiency Among Thai Students: A Case Study of St. Theresa International College

Linguistic Anthropology ejournal Vol. 3, No. 1: Jan 8, 2018 pp 1-5

Yongyut Khamkhong, Tamapn Silychee

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Buddhist School: An Effort to Revive Religious Influence on Thailand’s Education

Philosophy of Religion eJournal Vol.10, No. 25: Oct 12, 2017 pp 1-3

Yongyut Khamkhong

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Education in Thailand: Past, Present and ASEAN Integration

Anthropology of Education eJournal Vol.2, No.112: Sep 25, 2017 pp 1-4

Yongyut Khamkhong

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