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Activities for Intensive 2021

June 1, 2021   |   admin   |   Faculty of Humanities & Social Science News, Spotlight News,

During the Intensive English Program period, the new students for the academic year 2021 majoring in Business for English Communication and Communication Arts have faced some collegiate adjustments.   To help ease these difficulties, under the care of Aj. Leo Anthony Bril Flores being their class advisor, various activities were organized as follows:

The Meet and Greet Activity of the Intensive English Program students with the Faculty Dean Dr. Ubon, Aj. Khomson (CA Advisor) and Aj. Leo (BE Advisor) happened at St. Anne Cafeteria. The students wearing their black STIC shirt listened attentively to the advices and suggestions of the dean and their advisors. Later, they were given handbooks that would remind them of the cultural differences in our international campus. A welcome souvenir gift – orange face mask – was distributed to each new HuSo Family member because we believe in #BESafeBECAuseWeCAre. A certain time was focused on listening to the short introduction of each incoming freshies to let them know each other. Before finishing the homeroom hour, the incoming second year students #BE20 majoring in BE have the online meet and greet as well. Listening to their conversation, it seemed that they’re having a fun and warm online communication. The hour ended great.

Our faculty’s youngest members are making themselves healthier and building strong bonds through engaging into sports like table tennis. Soon to be posted/uploaded are captured moments in more sports events and academic contests. These summer activities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic are successfully achieving the goals of building familyship among our freshies, promoting active and healthy college lifestyle and of course, encouraging them to spend their most exciting, most wonderful and most memorable days, weeks, months and years with us – their new family. Above all, please be reminded of our hashtag – #BESafeBECAuseWeCAre

Again, our faculty’s youngest family members are actively participating in different activities organized by the SAO to build familyship among our freshies, promote active and healthy college lifestyle and encourage them to spend their most exciting, most wonderful and memorable college time with us -their new family. We are so proud to announce that our representative for scrabble male category #CA21 – Nattasit brought home the bacon and our representative for scrabble female category #BE21 – Suphawan ranked second. #STICians are not only physically active but they are also mentally enthusiastic. CONGRATS.

Riding pedal boats is indeed a fun activity to do with friends and family. Who would have imagined that pedal boat race could be one of the most fun activities that our freshies could participate in? Yes, you read it right. Our freshies had a very amazing time pedalling the boats on STIC pond along with the loud cheers coming from their classmates, friends and lecturers. Though it requires much leg work and physical energy, the participants reached the finish line with warm smiles on their faces. Our team may have ranked the last, but this wonderful experience will remain unforgettable for them.

The 2nd Meet and Greet of #HuSoFam occurred last Friday, May 7, 2021. It was a great opportunity for them to be acquianted with the other lecturers in our faculty: Dr. Joe, Aj. Rose (BE), Aj. Bowling and Aj. Maylada (CA). This hour was also filled with magic as one of the #CA21 students, Alangkarn, showed his amazing magic tricks to the attendees. We’re in awe watching him performing. Later, 2 of the #CA20 students, Wongsakorn and Kanthikarn shared some tips to our freshies. The hour ended with some midterm exam advices from the lecturers.

The summer Intensive English Program class has become more interesting when students’ skills are displayed as the motivational activity of the day’s lesson. One of our #BE21 freshies, Yadalynn amazed us with her skill in playing the violin. It’s so inspiring and refreshing to listen to the sound of a violin played by our sweet, caring and talented student.

These students topped the midterm examination in English Proficiency. Congrats na ja and hope to see more names on your final examination.

This displays another showcase of talent from one of the #CA21 students before starting our pm class. #KPopFever

Another late aftie was spent healthily with some of our students running fast to reach the finish line. Both male and female runners from the 3 teams hit the finish line in less than a minute. It just displayed that our students are healthy and strong. #BESafeBECAuseWeCAre

Our freshies participated in Oration (Supaporn), Declamation (Suphawan) and Tongue-twister (Natthasit) Competitions. These competitions were held in two platforms: on google meet and face-to-face. The judges were amazed with the speaking talents of our participants. Watching them, the limited number of spectators in both platforms expressed their admiration to the speakers from three different teams. Each participant displayed his or her confidence and impressive language skills.

Our freshies have proved to us once again that they are capable of bringing pride to our faculty. Yadalynn and Suphawan from #BE21 won the Spelling Bee and the #CA21 tandem of Natthasit and Kittisak got the highest scores in the Academic Quiz Bee. Keep bringing home the victory for our #HuSoFam. Congrats.

#CA21 #BE21 Badminton has become one of the most played sports during the summer activities. The freshies had singles for male and female, doubles for both genders and of course mixed doubles. Each team sent the best players that could give pride to the whole team. Our very own Kittisak (Doubles – Male Category) of #CA21 won the gold medal as he smashed the two other teams achieving 21 points. Other players #BE21 from our Red Team played their hearts out to give pride to the team but the other teams went ahead and won the gold medals. All these badminton matches won’t run smoothly without the help of one of our Guidance and Counselling Staff, Mr. Anantasak Chulerd. We want to express our much appreciation to him for his time and effort. And to all the winners, congrats.

This is a short glimpse of the awarding ceremony of this year’s summer activities both in sports events and academic competitions. The youngest members of our #HuSoFam have brought nothing but pride and honor for the whole faculty. May these youngsters continue to shine and be victorious. Congrats to all the achievers.