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Exciting Study Tour Takes Aeronautics Students Soaring to New Heights 2022

Hold on to your seats, because on July 1st, 2022, the Year I, II & III students embarked on an exhilarating adventure alongside the esteemed Aj. Praveen Shaju and Aj. Hariramakrishnan. Their destination? The illustrious Bangkok Aviation Centre Flight School, where dreams take flight! With its fully accredited status and a team of seasoned certified flight instructors and technicians, this aviation haven is renowned for shaping pilots and ground officers of the highest caliber.

Picture this: sleek Cessna 172R planes, Diamond 42 aircraft, state-of-the-art flight simulators, and a colossal hangar. This veritable paradise became the ultimate playground for our aeronautics students during their awe-inspiring study visit. At every turn, they were met with riveting experiences, gaining valuable exposure and hands-on training with the intricate Aircraft Control Surfaces and their awe-inspiring functions. Navigating through the complexities of Navigation and Communication, dissecting the inner workings of Aircraft Systems and Instruments, mastering Flight Operation and Dispatching Procedures, and delving into the intricate realm of Aircraft Maintenance and Airside Operations—the students were fully immersed in the captivating world of aviation.

This remarkable visit was far more than a mere academic endeavor. It served as a bridge, seamlessly connecting the classroom theories to real-time experiences high above the clouds. The students witnessed firsthand the mesmerizing dance between classroom knowledge and the practical applications of the aircraft. It was a mind-blowing realization that elevated their understanding and ignited their passion for aviation to soaring heights.

Beyond the academic realm, this extraordinary trip had a profound impact on the students’ personal growth. It kindled a flame of morality and ethics, reminding them of the responsibilities they would bear as future aviators. The immersive experience fostered camaraderie among the students, enhancing their interpersonal skills and instilling a profound sense of teamwork. Truly, this visit served as a transformative journey, propelling our students toward a brighter future.

As the dust settles and the memories of this extraordinary expedition settle into the students’ minds, they carry with them an indelible mark of inspiration. The Bangkok Aviation Centre Flight School has left an indelible impression, igniting their dreams and aspirations. These young minds are now more prepared than ever to take flight and leave an indelible mark on the ever-evolving skies of aeronautics.