Components 3 Students

Components 3  Students

        One major factor in successful educational management is students. Thus, a student quality assurance system must place importance on methodically recruiting or admitting qualified and prepared students into a program so that they will successfully complete it. It should also foster development so that students are ready to learn, with various types of training activities that provide them with knowledge, curricular-based competencies, 21st century learning skills, and – for graduate students – research skills that will enable them to add to the body of knowledge.

          Implementing curricular quality assurance for the component dealing with students begins with the admissions system, student support and development, and outcomes that impact students.

Operations must take into consideration the following indicators:

             Student standard indicator is comprised of 3 indicators:

              Indicator 3.1 Student Admissions
              Indicator 3.2 Student Support and Development
              Indicator 3.3 Students Quality

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