Quality Standards 4.3 Academic Innovation

Quality Standards 4.3  Academic Innovation

Quality Standards 4.3              Academic Innovation

Quality Standards Type          Outcome

Quality Standards Description:

     Instructor responsible for the curriculum/program of studies must manage in accordance with the system and mechanism in instructor administration and development to produce empirical results. To achieve important outcomes, Instructor responsible for the curriculum should produce academic innovations in form of teaching innovation or technological innovation or social innovation In accordance with the higher education standards set.

     Promoting and encouraging the teachers responsible for the curriculum/ program of studies to utilize knowledge, ability and experience according to field of responsibility are to produce innovative works or develop academic innovations. Aside from being an extension of new knowledge to support technological changes both in teaching and learning management or application to society, academic innovations are also the basis for developing students to be quality innovators continuously.

     Curriculum management performance which can reflect the quality of instructors in academic innovation can be judge from the their works in teaching and learning innovation or technological innovation or social innovation of the instructors responsible for the curriculum.

Assessment criteria

     Convert percentage of academic innovation works of the teacher responsible for the curriculum to a score between 0-5, with 40 percent or more of academic innovation works equal score 5

Calculation formula

1.Percentage of academic innovation work

     = (Sum of innovation work in academic year X 100)/Total number of professors responsible for the curriculum

2.Received score = (Percentage of academic innovation works X 5)/40


     1) Sum of the work during the academic year is based on the number of academic innovation works that the teacher responsible for the curriculum/program of studies participates in.

     2) Academic innovation work may be teaching innovation or technological innovation or social innovation.

     3) One academic innovation work may have more than 1 producers.

Operational Result

Assessment of the System and Improvement Process:

The system is in place and the department encourages all the lecturers to follow system to be able to give what is best for the students and in return for the instructors also. Some of the innovations introduced were the use of Google Classroom via Management Information System (MIS), Learning management System powered by Moodle (see . They are online platforms wherein online classes are possible with a feature that allows the storage of learning materials, for the recording of scores, attendance, advising and counselling reports, TQF storage, and other classroom related activities. 

Teaching manuals were developed (Math Teaching and Learning Manual I & Math Modelling) and were used already in the class (see and Teaching Demonstration is also being adjusted to fit in the present situation to which the students did their teaching demonstration thru online (see   

Students were also exposed to the reality of the teaching world even before they will go for internship thru community immersion. Students spent time with little children in a primary school thru their project “Teaching for a Cause” (see 

In addition, a Learning Platform or course management system (CMS) called Moodle  which is described as a free Open Source software package designed to help educators create effective online was also being used in carrying out the teaching and learning processes in the classroom (see

Assessment and Result:

The main job of the teacher was made even more easier and the students were able to follow the flow of the discussion much better and more effectively by using the Manual. In so, Research works of a lecturer have helped a lot in the academic innovation not only on the part of lecturer but to the students as well 


  1. Percentage of academic innovation work = (5×100)/5 =100
  2. Score =  (100×5)/40 = 12.5 = 5                

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