Components 4 Instructors

Components 4  Instructors

Components 4  Instructors

          Instructors are an important input factor for graduate production. Thus, those involved must design systems to assure that management and development of instructors produces personnel with suitable quality, with qualifications that are in harmony with the context, philosophy, and vision of institutions and programs. Instructors should be encouraged to love their organizations and enjoy performing professional duties. Administrators must devise policies, long-term plans, and operational activities, as well as control and develop instructor quality. To establish a system that assures quality instructors, instructors must be employed with both the quantitative and qualitative attributes specified by curricular standards devised by the Office of the Higher Education Commission. Further development is carried out by planning and investing funds and resources so that the number of instructors is suitable for the number of students admitted into the program. A sufficient number of knowledgeable instructors, with expertise in their field of study and proper experience in producing graduates, is reflected in their educational qualifications, academic rank, and progress in producing academic output on an ongoing basis.

          This component deals with instructors, starting with their management and development, quality, and outcomes that impact instructors as follows:        

          Indicator 4.1 Instructors Management and Development

          Indicator 4.2 Quality of Instructors
          Indicator 4.3 Academic Innovation

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