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Regional Journal of Liberal Arts Committee calls for more papers

August 7, 2013   |   Phitsanu Thepthong   |   Faculty of Humanities & Social Science News,

Journal 1

Regional Journal of Liberal Arts Committee calls for more papers

The Journal Committee Members led by Chairman Dr Saroj Aungsumalin of Asian University (AU) and Dr Chaipat Wattanasan, Vice President ofSt Theresa International College (STIC), and committee members currently work hard on the Regional Journal of Liberal Arts Journal production.

They have announced a call for papers, and so far about 8 papers have been collected. The eight papers now in hand areas follows:

  1. Dr  Saroj Aungsumalin of AU :  “Application of Agricultural  Research to Rural Development in Thailand “
  2. Dr Pattamaporn Busapathumrong of AU : “ Social Problems: A Tale of Two Cities on Victimization and Empowerment Approaches “
  3. Dr Bunpot Suwannaprasert of AU : “Classroom Research : Improving English Listening Comprehension Proficiency by Using the Video In Youtube”
  4. Dr Colin Gordon Black and Mr. Robert Berkelman of AU : The Monty Hall Problem : A Lesson in Counter-intuitiveness
  5. Ms Nuntikorn Kitratporn of STIC : The Relevance of Twitter in Customer Relationship Management
  6. Emelyn Ferrer Galon of STIC : Effectiveness of School Administrators’ Leadership Attribute as Perceived by the English Teachers in Nakhonsrithammarat, Thailand
  7. Emelyn Ferrer  Galon & Yongyut Khamkhong of STIC:  English Competency Level of Elementary School Teachers in Ongkharak District, Nakhon Nayok , Thailand : Implications for a Training Program
  8. Dr Malee Dhamasiri of STIC: The Future of Airline Business 

The Journal Committee consists of Dr Poonsook Kitratporn, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty, STIC, Dr Malee  Dhamasiri, Head of Airlines Business Department, Faculty of Business Administration, STIC, Mr Phitsanu Thepthong, Officer  of Foreign Affairs Department, STIC, Dr  Danai Torrungrueng, of Engineering Faculty, AU, and Dr. Pattamaporn Busapathumrong, of Liberal Arts Faculty, AU.

They attended the latest committee meeting on Friday, August 2, 2013 at the AU Building, Bangkok, in busy preparation for publishing the inaugural issue of the Regional Journal,which is expected to be in print by October of this year.

—Report by Phitsanu Thepthong