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Assessment of Organizational Commitment in Air Traffic Controllers of Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand.

Design Engineering. Issue: 6 (Jun. 2021), pp 643 - 654.

Harryvong Kuptavanich, Porrerk Komolvanij, Amornteb Intasorn , Amarjeet Singh Mastana

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Conceptual Framework for Transferring Lessons Learned from Work For The Development of Best Practices

Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry (TOJQI) Volume 12, Issue 7, July 2021: 4848 - 4856

Piyada Wattanasan, Vichian Puncreobutr

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Model of the Elderly Care Platform in Thailand

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Vipa Pengsa-ium, Vichian Puncreobutr, Prachuab Trinikorn, Boonruang Chunsuvimol

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The Applied Model of Creating the Youth’s Gratitude: Case Study of the Phuan People at Pak-Phli District, Nakhon Nayok Province, Thailand

Psychology and Education (2021) 58(3): pp 4251-4256

Vichian Puncreobutr, Boonruang Chunsuvimol, Samrong Koonawoot, Kingkeaw Sangpaew, Arunwaratchaya Bayolsineesayom

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Prediction of foreign direct investment: An application of long shot term memory

Psychology and Education (2021) 58(2): pp 4001-4015

Dr. Sourabh Singha Roy

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M6 Students’ University course choice: an empirical study in public schools of Nakhon-Nayok Province, Thailand

The Proceedings of 9th ICADA 2020-SSIS -December 16,2020 pp 169-175

Md Abdus Salam, Moragot Wongwai, Chaiya Lachantuek, Tsuji Masatsugu

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Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Logistic Industry: An Analysis

Psychology and Education (2021) 58(1): pp 5502-5507

Abhishek Tiwari

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Risk Factors of Accident in Air Traffic Control Service: U-Tapao Airport (Rayong-Pattaya)

Solid State Technology Volume: 64 Issue: 1 Publication Year: 2021 pp 1484-1494

Surath Sridech, Nopeerrnand Peanmunkung, Ken Tantasuwan, Sukit Klinhom, Chintawat Phetriang

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Thailand tourism and impact of COVID 19 on attractions with reference to Pattaya Beach

Solid State Technology Volume: 63 Issue: 6 Publication Year: 2020 pp 22314-22324

Hazanal Rashid Khan

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The Success of Measures To Stimulate The Economy Of tourism Destinations during Covid-19 Pandemic:Case Study of The Phuket Province, Thailand

Solid State Technology Volume: 63 Issue: 6 Publication Year: 2020 pp 16727-16736

Alfredo C Espejo, Prachuab Trinikorn, Saifil Ali, Porrerk Komolvanij, Warairat Sompong

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The Trends of Aviation Business in the New Normal Condition of Thailand

Solid State Technology Volume: 63 Issue: 6 Publication Year: 2020 pp 16737-16747

Wallop Mesomsup , Tiwari Abhishek , Charles Pamonmontri , Saifil Ali , Sarun Wongwai

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The generic skills gap in curricula: Are Thai accounting graduates ready for the contemporary workplace?

St. Theresa Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Vol.6, No.2 July-December 2020 pp 80-96

Md Abdus Salam, Kamrul Hasan

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Management Ability in Discovery Museum Tourism Case Study on Pak Phli Museum, the Phuan People, Nakhon Nayok, Thailand

St. Theresa Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Vol.6, No.2 July-December 2020 pp 70-79

Swana Pornputtkul, Poonsook Kitratporn, Siriwan Tanyong, Warairat Somphong

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The relationship between agritourism potential and management: a case of the flowering and ornamental plants at Klong 15, Ongkharak District, Nakhon Nayok Province

Journal of Critical Reviews vol 7 issue 19 2020 pp 8799-8805

Kawita Tipajatuporn, Warairat Sompong, Kameelah Sawee

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The relevance of values, skills, and learning outcomes indicators for the employment of business administration graduates: a case study of an international higher education institution

International Journal Learning and Intellectual Capital, Vol. 17, No. 2, 2020 pp 165-186

Rosario Cano Garcia

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An Investigation on digital Competence of Accounting undergraduate students in the private Higher Education Institutes

Journal of Industrial education Volume 14 No.1 January-June 2020 pp 96-105

Kasalawat Kongpradit, Kawita Teepjatupon, Hossain Mohammad Iqbal

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An Exploration study on influencing factors in Financial Investment Decisions in Thailand Securities Market

International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology Vol. 29, No. 03, (2020), pp. 8237 - 8243

Dr. Piyada Wattanasan, Lohar Bhupesh, Sasikala Pallela

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The Participation of the Local Community in the Long-boat Racingof Klong 14 Community, Tumbol Buengsan, Ongkarak Sub-district, Nakhon Nayok

St. Theresa Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Vol.6 No1 January-June 2020 pp 125-136

Kameelah Sawee , Emelyn F Galon, Alfredo C Espejo, Sukit Klinhom, Rangsan Padungthan

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Bankruptcy of the Security Guard Service Companies in Bangkok, Thailand

International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology Vol. 29, No. 03, (2020), pp. 8237 - 8243

Dr. Piyada Wattanasan, Lohar Bhupesh, Wanwisa Nonpanya, Tanawadee Kangnoi

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Security of Drone Hacking with Raspberry-Pi using Internet-of-Things

International Journal of Innovation Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJTEE) Volume 9 Issue 6 April 2020 pp 1629-1634

Sarun Kumar Sekar

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Detection and Characterization of Defect in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Laminate Using Passive Thermography

TEST Engineering and Management, Volume 83 May-June 2020 pp 2195-2201

Sarun Kumar Sekar

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Health Care and Economic Perspectives of Hydroponic Vegetables in Ongkharak Nakhon Nayok Thailand

International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology Vol. 29, No. 8s, (2020), pp. 2752-2759

Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy, Somboon BoonyakiatSourabh Singha Roy, Dr. Alfledo C. Espejo, Phattaradanai Dongsungnoen, Worapote Siriwunsaku

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Impact of Tourism Activities on Water Pollution and Tourist Attractions in Koh Larn Beach Pattaya Thailand

"International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology Vol,29 No.1 2020 pp 1517-1522 "

Hazanal Rashid Khan, Warairat Somphong, Somporn Naklang, Nantawit Boondesh , Dr. Porthip Layanan

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Sustainability Indicators of a Small Restaurant Business: A Case of a Coffee Shop in Thailand

Organization & Markets: Motivation & Incentives eJournal Vol. 11, No. 57: Jul 24, 2019 pp 1-5

Dr. Rosario Cano Garcia

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Assessment of Service Quality of Low-Cost airlines ground staff at International Airports in Thailand

St. Theresa Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Vol.5, No.2 July-December 2019 pp 97-109

Pichet Chuenkate, Rosario Cano Garcia, Thanoo Saowaros, Ampornrat Bongsungnoen, Sasikala Pallela

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Waste reduction from the in-flight services of Airlines in Thailand

St. Theresa Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Vol.5, No.2 July-December 2019 pp 122-132

Porrerk Komolvani, Charles Pamonmontri, Panraudi Attakornvit, Apirak Liddelow, Budsayarut Puncreobutr

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Computational Fluid dynamics investigation of Static Conditional Flapping wing micro air vehicle.

International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development vol. 10 Issue 1 Feb 2020 385-396

Loganathan Hariramakrishnan

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Passenger Satisfaction towards the U-Tapao International Airport (Rayong-Pattaya) Marketing – Mix

Humanitic Management eJournal Vol.7 No 7 Aug 2019 pp 1-5

Surath Sridech , Ken Tantasuwan , Chuwannut Hongwanitchawong

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Culinary Skills: Assessment of Student’s Learning Outcomes

Food Science Education eJournal Vol.2, No. 34: Oct 17, 2019

Juan Rodrigo Del Villar

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An Assessment of the Air Cargo Industry and Future Perspectives in Thailand

The Journal East and North Africa Sciences 2019: 5(9) pp 29-33

Apichaya Chuepan, Loganathan Hariramakrishnan, Hasan Kamrul ,Tiwari Abhishek

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Investing in the Construction of High-Rise Buildings in the Savan-Seno Special Economic Zone of Lao PDR, According to the Sufficient Economic Theory

Built Environment eJournal Vol 8, Issue 38, May 24, 2019 pp 1-6

Vichian Puncreobutr ,Jitrapun Pusapukdepop , Vipa Pengsa-ium, Sourabh Singha Roy

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The Design of High-rise Buildings in Smart Cities of Thailand

"International Political Economy: Investment & Finance eJournal Vol 7, Issue 79, May 14, 2019 pp 1-6 "

Wongduean Chanragsa , Philip Amos, Vichian Puncreobutr, Jitrapun Pusapukdepop

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Local Folk Games and Health Promotion: Case Study, Saba Tossing Game of Thai Raman People in Ongkarak District, Nakornnayok Province

Medical Anthropology eJournal Vol 4, Issue 15, March 21, 2019 pp 1-5

Vichian Puncreobutr, Piyada Wattanasan , Wilawan Thianthong

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Correlation of FDI with GDP, SENSEX and Nifty

International Journal of Recent Advances in Multidisciplinary Research, Vol 5, Issue 5, ISSN 2350-0743, (May 2018), pp.3841-3848.

Raja Mannar Badur

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Correlation studies of foreign institutional investor and nifty of the past decade.

International journal of multi-disciplinary approach and studies, vol 5, no.4 Jul-Ang 2018 pp 42-61

Raja Mannar Badur

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The Proficiency of Thai Accounting Graduates Working in the Profession According to the Standard of Accounting in the ASEAN Community

Behavioral & Experimental Accounting eJournal Vol 10, Issue 42, October 30, 2018 pp 1-6

Vichian Puncreobutr,Piyada Wattanasan,Hossain Mohammad Iqbal,Areeya Chansong

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Marketing – Mix- Factors Affecting the Selection of Domestic Airlines Services at U-Tapao International Airport (Rayong-Pattaya)

Marketing Science eJournal Vol 12 Issue 9 March 06, 2019

Surath Sridech ,Nopeerrnand Peanmunkung

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Investigation of nozzle geometry effect on grooved tubes for hear transfer

Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and control system Vol. 11, 01-Special, 2019 pp 802-811

Saran Kumar S

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Tensile strength of GFRP and Hybrid composites under various environmental conditions

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology volume 90 number 6 2018 pp 956-961

Praveen Shaju Chelladhurai

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Stress Factors that Affect to the Flying Training Skill and Ability of Student Pilots of Government and Private Aviation Institutes

Aerospace Engineering eJournal Vol. 1, No. 13: Jun 7, 2018 pp 1-5

Sakda Harnyoot

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Students’ Self-Efficacy and Motivation on their Academic Performance in using English Language

"St. Theresa Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Vol.4, No.1 January-June 2018 pp 38-49 "

Juan Rodrigo B. Del Villar,Jelijah P. Napawit

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International Trade Cooperation between Thailand, Laos and Myanmar (Golden Triangle Economic Zone) to Develop the Well-being of the People Along the Northern Border of Thailand

Development Economics: Macroeconomic Issues in Developing Economies eJournal Vol 7, Issue 120, October 15, 2018 pp 1-4

Prachuab Trinikorn,Alfredo C. Espejo,Wongduean Chanragsa,Warairat Sompong

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The Correlation Between the Quality of Airline Services and the Loyalty of the Users of Thailand Domestic Airlines

Emerging Markets: Theory & Practice eJournal Vol 8, Issue 27, October 16, 2018 pp 1-4

Alfredo C. Espejo, Wongduean Chanragsa Pichet Ketkaew, Jiratana Kriwong

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Socio-Economic need Assessment of a Rural Area in the Philippines

Development Economics: Women Gender& Human Development eJournal Vol.8 No.4 Jan 14, 2019 pp 1-4

Rosario Cano Garcia

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Human Resource Availability of Airline Companies in Thailand

Leadership & Organizational Behavior eJournal Vol.10, No.3 Jan 23,2019 pp 1-4

Rosario Cano Garcia

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Conceptualization and Assessments of the Consumers’ Meta-Cognitive Awareness with Respect to Purchase Decision.

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Divya Shukla

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Factors influencing Thai and International Logistics Management Program students’ career choice.

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Approach and Studies Volume 05, No.3, May – june 2018 pp 55-65

Meena Madhavan

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Linking Time Perspective with JobStress and Employee Retention; Mediation of Goal Orientation

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Approach and Studies Volume 05, No.2, Mar – Apr 2018 pp 154-169

Divya Shukla,Meena Madhavan

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A Basic Understanding to Mediation Analysis and statistical procedures in management research.

Journal of Asia Pacific Studies (2018) Volume 5 Issue 1 pp 1-61

Meena Madhavan

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Thai student loan fund and its current status

Journal of Asia Pacific Studies (2018) Volume 5 Issue 1 pp 62-75

Abdus Salam

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The Airmanship and the Commercial Pilot Competency of the Commercial Aviation Students

Political Institutions: Parties, Interest Groups & Other Political Organizations eJournal Vol 11, Issue 3, January 11, 2018 pp 1-4

Wallop Mesomsup,Sakda harnyoot,Saran Kumar S,Vichian Puncreobutr

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Electrical Flight Technology – A Short Review & Challenges

International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development ISSN (P): 2249-6890 ISSN (E): 2249-8001 Vol.7, Issue 6, Dec 2017, 631-640

Praveen Shaju Chelladhurai

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The Operation of Nakhon Ratchasima Public Airport in Accordance With International Standard Rules, Formalities, Regulations and Conditions.

Political Economy-Development: Public Service Delivery eJournal Vol.5, No. 218: Nov 2017 pp 1-5

Chairat Chookiattiyot,Surath Sridech

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Sky Lanterns and Aviation Safety: A Study at the Mae Fah Luang Chiangrai Airport

International Journal of Engineering & Technology Vol 7, No 2.13 (2018) Special Issue 13 pp 18-23

Chartchai Charoensook

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Internship Job Performance Determinants of Business Students in Thailand

Management Educator: Courses, Cases & Teaching eJournal Vol .11 , No. 3: Feb 14, 2018 pp 1-3

Emma A. Ganuelas,Rosario Cano GARCIA

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Challenges of Thai L2 Students Learning Business Courses: Implications to Content-Based Teaching Pedagogy.

Culture area studies eJournal Vol.2, No. 185: Oct 10, 2017 pp 1-6

Rosario Cano GARCIA,Raja Mannar Badur,Casta Janet

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Profitability and efficiency evaluation of the financial management of a socio-economic intervention

Management and Marketing Volume 12, Issue 2 (Jun 2017) pp 316-333

Rosario Cano GARCIA

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Modeling and Mapping Personal Learning Environment of Thai International Higher Education Students

Asian Journal of Education and Training Vol 4 No 1 2018 pp 35-40

Sarun Wongwai,Mohamed Ali Sharafuddin,Buncha Panacharoensawad

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Impacts of tourism activities on environment and sustainability of Pattaya beach in Thailand.

Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism Volume VIII Issue 8(24) Winter 2017 pp 1469-1473

Hazanal Rashid Khan

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Study Behaviors: Their Influence on Students Academic Performance.

Anthropology of Education eJournal Vol. 2, No. 108: Sep 11, 2017 pp 1-4

Juan Rodrigo Beldad Del

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Relationship of Sport Tourism Management with the Appropriate Marketing Mixtures Usage for Sport Tourism:Case Study of Sport Club in Buriram Province, Thailand

Anthropology of Education eJournal Vol 2, Issue 139, December 06, 2017 pp 1-4

Juan Rodrigo Beldad Del,Tararat Sangdawn,Vichian Puncreobutr,Dario Abdullah Mando

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Faculty and Student’s Assessment of International Colleges’ Community Service Program in Bangkok, Thailand: A Basis for Innovative Transformations

Anthropology of Education eJournal Vol 2, Issue 139, December 06, 2017 pp 1-4

Alfredo C Espejo

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